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today May 30th, 2014


It's bad enough we have to remove visious popups (Malware), and guard for Viruses, we now have a new threat - RANSOMEWARE.

More and more people are falling prey and finding their docs and files on their computer, (as well as any attached and connected backup and storage devices), getting encrypted and held Ransom for an unlock key.


This also includes encryption of any mapped network shares including DropBox and google drive along with any and all connected backup device (hard-drives, phones, (and most all big-name freebie sites for data storage with auto-sync).

These devices tend to sync your data instantly and overwrite all existing saved data with the encrypted new version with no possible retrieval method of the uncorrupted (non-encrypted) version and backup of their precious files they had safely stored five minutes before the attack.


These POSHCODER and similiar, CryptoLocker, Troj/Ransom-ACP, examples of ransomware threats that afflict Windows machines by encrypting local files of all extension types:i.e. xlm, .docx, .html, jpg (all pic formats), mp3 etc... using RSA-2048 bit encrytion key and demands payments of hundreds of dollars through prepayment services such as MoneyPak or the equivalent in Bitcoin.

POSHCODER is the latest in ransomware, released in the spring of 2014. The encryption is spread through toolbar add-ons and email attachments, where it’s disguised as a legitimate attachment or tool-bar feature.

The Ransomers notify their Hostages (defaults web-browsers to their Demands Page), that they have ten (10) days to pay with by bit-coin or the hostage can kiss the unlock-private-key goodbye, (the demand page is untraceable as it only exists on the hostages storage device and all files point to it on click to open), but now, hostages have an amnesty period if you miss your 10 days (you may have went on vacation and not seen it yet) offering one last chance to unlock their own files at a cost between 3 to 4 bitcoins this time.

(one bitcoin exchange rate to U.S. $611.00 (today May 30th, 2014)

What's worst? The Hostage pays through anonymous channels with secure anonymity and what you spend your bit-coin on is your business (like a ransomer's untraceable fraud-scam account). So, your bankcard payment can't be disputed (you buy the bitcoin one place and then spend it or give-it/place-it freely into a digital account non-traceable encrypted account number (that is produced randomly). What's worst is, Numerous reports from all over web-forums of people that paid to get their files back but the ransomer didn't give them an unlock key! That's worst.

And there is no known way to decrypt them at this time.

Take a chance or protect your precious data now.

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